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Project Thirty Four is a UK-based, bespoke solution to commercial 1 ton pickup and 4WD needs.  We specialise in various different types of vehicle enhancement.¬† We cater for the commercial arena where operators require
a 1 ton pickup, useable both as a car and a commercial vehicle in the off-road and travel arena.

Whilst we choose to undertake a lot of our work with Toyota vehicles, Project Thirty Four is an independent company, which is not directly affiliated to Toyota.

The founder of Project Thirty Four has in excess of 25  years off-road and travel experience. Whilst bespoke vehicles are fit for purpose at the point of build, they can be difficult to dispose of if modified in a non-reversible fashion.

Consequently the principle of Project Thirty Four is simple. Everything that is used  to  enhance  a  vehicle  must  have  the  ability  to  be  added  and subsequently  removed. ¬†Conversions are carried out using methods that leave absolutely no trace  of  modification. As a result there is little or no change to the resale value of the vehicle

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