We have spent many years sourcing our own vehicles, having purchased a multitude of different brands. During this time, we have come to learn what we enjoy about the car buying process, and perhaps more importantly what we don’t enjoy.

Buying a car should be hassle free but this experience isn’t always necessarily the case. Due to the extensive exposure to 4 wheel drive dealerships over the years, we have developed relationships with those that provide the correct level of service. This, together with our industry expertise, means we are able to make your purchasing experience an enjoyable one, we believe in true customer satisfaction and we ensure the dealerships we work with believe the same.

Brands and Franchised Dealers that we have fantastic ongoing terms with include Toyota, Land Rover, Jeep, Isuzu, Subaru and Mitsubishi. Whether you want the correct introduction, or want to deal only with ourselves and for us to arrange your new vehicle to be delivered to your drive, it is entirely your choice on the level of service you receive. The important thing is that we’re enthusiasts and know the difficulties that can arise when trying to buy a new vehicle, if we can make the process easier for you, we’ve succeeded